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Stacy Ferguson Icon Challenge

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Stacy Ferguson Icon Challenge
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MODERATOR - ditzy_diva
CO-MOD - clealea
BANNER-MAKER - ninetimesten
BANNER-MAKER - i_have_no_mind

Welcome to fergiechallenge, the first original Stacy Ferguson icon challenge. The young vocalist from the famous music group Black Eyed Peas, a.k.a. Fergie, has been featured on the CD's Elephunk and Monkey Business, had a role in the new film Poseidon, and recently released her new solo album The Dutchess. Whether you're a fan of BEP or just Fergie, this challenge thrives on talent and has some of the best Fergie icons around, so join today. If you have just joined this community, please make sure to read and follow the rules below.

o1. You may submit up to three icons, unless otherwise stated.
o2. You must use original work, made specifically for the challenge posted. Do not use anyone elses work or you will be banned from this community.
o3. Do not use or show your icon(s) before the results are posted, or your work will be disqualified.
o4. Comment on the challenge entry with your submission(s).
o5. Post your icon and the image URL underneath.
o6. All icons must fit LJ standards (100x100 & 40k).
o7. You may vote only once, for 3 icons unless otherwise stated.
o8. No voting for your own icons.
o9. Do not ask the moderators to use any icons, ask the makers.
1o. Do not bash the graphics, graphic makers, or Fergie.

So make sure to follow these rules. Goodluck, and have fun!!

Upload to your own server.

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