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Not a lot of icons, but I really liked what we got. Thanks!

+ Vote for your 3 favorite icons.
+ Do not get others to vote for you.
+ No voting for your own icons.
+ Do not use/post your icons until the results have been posted.

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magic in the music

Challenge #1

Hey guys!! Since we finally have 10 members, I'm gonna go ahead and start the first challenge. I'm providing you with 3 images from the January issue of FHM.

+ you may submit up to 3 icons for this challenge.
+ you may blend the images together.
+ you may use animation for this challenge.
+ you may use any brush/texture/gradient that you'd like.

I hope to see some great entries, so please participate!!
We need alot more members, so please promote us as much as you can.

This is the only challenge that can be viewed by members as well as non-members. After this, all challenges will be posted as friends only, so you must join to view all posts.
- your mod, Elle
magic in the music

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Welcome to fergiechallenge, an icontest community based on Stacy Ferguson, a.k.a. Fergie from the popular music group Black Eyed Peas. The first challenge will be posted once we've got at least 10 members. So please promote us as much as you can, and help this community to get started. Comment here if you'd like to be affiliates.
-your mod, Elle